The Two Words That Steal Our Joy (And the Two Words That Can Restore It)

The kids were with the grandparents for the night. Which meant we had the perfect opportunity to catch a movie in an actual theater, eat out without cutting the chicken into bite-sized pieces and spend the evening without repeatedly giving instructions to one’s progeny about baths and brushing.

Except, the evening didn’t pan out quite like I’d imagined. We watched the movie – and that signalled the end of date night for the husband. In my mind, the movie was supposed to be followed by a nice dinner, and, perhaps, a walk in the moonlight afterward. I had all the details planned out.

Not wanting to appear needy, I pretended I was fine with calling it a night. Except, inside, I stewed.

“If he cherished me as the Bible says he should, he would have wanted to spend more time with me,” I reasoned in my mind. And then, of course, came the swirl of negative thoughts, till I couldn’t hold it in any longer.

If only you had just suggested dinner out. That would have meant so much to me,” I exploded.

The startled man had no idea that between the movie theatre and our home I had built up a story titled, “Exactly What a Loving Husband Should Do,” in my overly inventive mind.

If only.

Those two words have the power to plunge us into a vortex of disappointment, comparison, and insecurity.

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