One Way to Raise a Child Who Isn’t Afraid to Fail

My kids wrapped up the last day of school with big grins, clothes stained with pizza sauce from the class party, and a certificate each.

My big guy received a certificate for academic excellence in Grade 3. His sister received a certificate for perseverance in Grade 2. I instantly whipped out my phone to take pictures for the grandparents.

I was crazy proud of both my kids. But, to be honest, I may have considered my son’s certificate a tad more impressive than my daughter’s perseverance award. In my defense, it’s the way I’ve always understood success.

We live in a “show me the money” world that pats people on the back for the results they achieve. How they got there makes for a nice story – but it doesn’t win awards. At least not “impressive” ones.

But here’s the thing: If I want to raise a child who shows tenacity, there’s one thing I need to do…. read more at

One Simple Way to Raise a Child Who Isn’t Afraid to Fail

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