How to Give Yourself a Timeout After A Mom Meltdown

It should come naturally with adulting. Yet, somehow, it doesn’t. Having a kid or two only seems to make it worse. Much worse. I’m talking about being in control of our emotions when things aren’t going quite as planned.

When the to-do list is a mile long, the toddler is pounding on the floor like an overzealous percussionist, the baby is screaming like a fangirl at a Justin Bieber concert, and you’re trying to get out the door with a diaper bag, a car seat and what’s left of your sanity, you may find yourself in the throes of a mommy meltdown. It may involve slammed doors, really loud words, ugly crying, and eating your way through a sleeve of Oreos. When the dust settles, it always involves guilt.

Honestly, if the story of my life were a three-line meme, it would read: “I was a Zen person. Then I had kids. The End.” Read more at

How to Give Yourself a Timeout After a Mom Meltdown

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