The Two Words That Can Transform Your Parenting

Even before your eyes open, your mind is on “step on it” mode. Pack lunch: ham sandwiches, baby carrots, and raisins, times two. Drop kids off at school. Next stop: diapers from Target (don’t forget the gift for the baby shower). Get the minivan serviced. Make an appointment for the two-year-old’s well-child checkup (before she turns three). School pick-up, Taekwondo classes in the afternoon, followed by a quick stop at Walgreens. Thank God for the drive-through at the neighborhood Walgreens. Speaking of drive-throughs, that’s probably what’s for dinner tonight.


The Two Words That Can Transform Your Parenting


  1. Jacobs Adewale says:

    Wow!! I am fascinated by your thoughtful and jovial arrangement of words (not totally surprise – it’s expected of an astute journalist anyway).

    Indeed, I share your viewpoint that these two words “get to” cannot only transform the experience of parenting but as well as our daily living experiences. We just have to see everything and anything from the privilege perspective of gratitude.

    I had a nice read having stumbled on one of your works via Christian Media Mag. Keep them coming Mrs Susan. Thanks.

    • Susan Narjala says:

      Thanks for stopping by Mr Adewale and for taking the time to comment on my article. Need to keep reminding myself of the truth of this article every now and again 🙂 Appreciate the encouragement.

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