The Mom Challenge – 1 Corinthians 13


1 Corinthians 13 – A Mom’s Version. If only I could love like this…

If I’m well-spoken and can deliver sermons without breaking a sweat, but I don’t have love, it’s all just cacophony, like rhythm time for toddlers.

If I hold multiple diplomas and degrees, and if I have a faith that makes people go, “Whoa, she’s amazing!” but I don’t have love, it’s meaningless.

If I volunteer at my kids’ school and serve coffee every week at church, and if I work hard to keep my kitchen floor crumb-free and my laundry hamper empty, but I don’t have love, it’s all just an exhausting pursuit of perfection.

Love is patient enough to say, “Breathe, kids. I know it gets overwhelming for you too.” Love gives the husband a back rub, expecting nothing in return. Love is totally okay with the mom who has it all together and, in fact, cheers her on with a, “Good for you, girl. Good for you.”

Love doesn’t post Facebook updates on how I got it all done. It does not walk over other people to get where I want to be. Love doesn’t undermine someone else’s achievements. Love doesn’t criticize the working mom’s parenting when she gets the promotion at work. Nor does it look disdainfully at the stay-at-home mom’s parenting when she serves up frozen chicken nuggets for dinner.

Love doesn’t push its way to the front of the line. Love doesn’t steal the parking spot that someone was waiting for. Love doesn’t let someone else stealing their parking spot throw them into a fit of rage.

Love doesn’t store up your spouse’s past mistakes in a handy dandy box, only to yank it open at the slightest provocation.

Love doesn’t celebrate when bad things happen, even when they happen to the person who hurt you. Love celebrates the truth.

Love always watches out for others. It always sees the best in people.

Love is vulnerable, even when it means risking rejection.

Love sticks with the other person, even when the situation gets sticky.

Love doesn’t say, “See ya” and walk away. Instead it says, “I’ll see you through this.”

Love doesn’t give up.



  1. rekha says:

    You just spoke my thoughts, only more eloquently. I’ve been pondering on these same thoughts lately. How we pursue perfection and how badly we falter because we’re so occupied with patting ourselves on the back and displaying our badges of honor in others faces. 🙂

    • Susan Narjala says:

      Totally! It’s so darn hard to live out that kind of “others first” love though 🙁 At least we can start with not needing to prove ourselves, though 🙂 Thanks for stopping by to comment!

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