6 Reasons Why India Rocks

You know those artsy stores that sell recycled products? Like a comfortable chair from an old tyre or a gorgeous lamp stand from a discarded pot? Well, this month, I’m taking a page from their book and recycling an old blog post. For a very good reason.

I’d written the post below when I lived in the US and had visited India one summer. It was a perfectly lazy summer, with shopping and eating being our only scheduled activities.

Fast forward a few years and I now live in India. It’s no longer a vacation destination. And that’s why I needed to reboot this old blog. I needed to remind myself just how vast and vibrant and brilliant and sometimes downright entertaining life here can be.

The post reminds me that when we look for beauty, we find it. In the unexpected. In the mundane. I pray for continued God glimpses – daily moments of catching the glorious.

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