Four Forgiveness Facts That Can Help You Move On

Yikes! That was my instinctive, not-so-spiritual reaction when I saw this month’s IndiAanya topic. Resolving conflict? Peacemaking? Working through difficult relationships? Ahem. God, could I please take a pass this month and immerse myself in the delightfully pretentious world of social media instead?

Turns out, God gave me the thumbs down on that one. I had the distinctive privilege of writing about a topic that makes my stomach tie up in tight knots that not even Houdini could possibility undo.

From my real-life research into the topic, I’ve drawn a few conclusions. Firstly, when you do life, relationships happen. And the thing about relationships is that they’re messy. Like when you drop a cheeseburger-with-extra-mustard-and-ketchup-on-your-white-shirt messy. How’s that for an aha moment? If you’re blown away, read on. If you’re not, read on anyway. Chances are this topic is bound to be relevant sooner or later, especially if you belong to the human race.

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