When Pink Leaves You Feeling Blue



Every few days, my six-year-old asks a list of questions about my preferences. They roll off her tongue with practiced ease: “Mama, what’s your favourite number? What’s your favourite animal? What’s your favourite colour?”

If I reply “Pink” to the last question, she wrinkles her nose in horror, “Pink? But that’s for babies.”

Yup, the six-year-old is now officially in the “I’m-so-over-the-pink-thing” phase. After a prolonged love affair with all things pink (think: dresses, hair-clips, nail polish, water bottles, you-name-it), she has now staked her claim in the “Blue Rules” camp. The pink rebellion is well underway at our house.

Her mom, on the other hand, continues to unapologetically cling to her love for pink.

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