Mama’s Modus Operandi


Pic: Flickr – woodleywonderworks

Mama’s Panic

When you wake up in a sweat at 2:34 am and realize you’re out of clean uniforms for the kids.

Mama’s ‘I’ve-Had-It’

When you’re late for an appointment and the kids decide to put on their shoes in slow motion.

Mama’s Answer to Almost Everything

Have you tried going potty?

Mama’s Vocation

Deciding who started it, whose turn it is, whose share it is, who hit whom first.

Mama’s Hope

That we get through homework time without heads bitten off.

Mama’s Guilt

When you realize there’s absolutely no milk at home and breakfast will be cereal with water (again!)

Mama’s Time Out

When you hang out in the loo with a magazine/kindle/phone – without the kids banging on the door.

Mama’s Sick Day Quota


Mama’s Listening Skills

If it’s too quiet, then someone’s up to no good

Mama’s Worst Case Scenario

When your kid wants to pee NOW and the restroom is at the other end of the mall.

Mama’s Sacrifice

Letting the kids eat the last spoon of dessert.

Mama’s Fuel

Coffee, Chai, Margaritas at noon

Mama’s Favourite Moment

Goodnight kisses from the kids.

Mama’s Therapy

Extra-long showers.

Mama’s Morning Line Number 1

“Eat, eat, c’mon EAT!!”

Mama’s Morning Line Number 2

“You’re going to be late!”

Mama’s Prep before Outings

Making sure the whole family pees before heading out for the day.

Mama’s Ammunition

Hand sanitizer and wet wipes

Mama’s Perfect Vacation

Getting a full night’s sleep.

Mama’s Fear

That this stage is going to be over all too soon.



  1. Melody Jadhav says:

    Hey Susan, all that you have written is so true ! I was just going to bed thinking……..”what am I going to feed them tomorrow?” ????

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