Easy Recipe for Chocolate-Hazelnut Pops


I can’t wait to share this recipe with you. It’s made entertaining a breeze. It’s made my days so much sweeter. And, the best part is, it’s fairly simple.

Here goes:


5-6 Tablespoons

Coffee mug


Nutella – 1 jar


  1. Open jar of Nutella. Preferably do so out the line of sight of your little peeps. (In fact, you’ll find the pops taste better after their bedtime and while being consumed in front of mindless TV.)
  2. Take Tablespoon. Dunk in Nutella and swirl so the entire scooping end of spoon is covered.
  3. Remove spoon. Be careful not to let gooey Nutella drop on kitchen counter. If it does, use fingers to quickly wipe off product and lick before anyone notices.
  4. Put spoon in a coffee mug, Nutella-side up.
  5. Voila, your Choco-Hazelnut Pop is ready.
  6. Consume without delay.

You and your waistline can thank me later.

Disclaimer: A stock image of chocolate pops may have been employed as click bait to draw you in. (Sorry, peeps, this is the internet.)

Here’s how my chocolate hazelnut pops truly turned out.


Slightly different. Still very yummy. (Oh, c’monow, I know you’re dying to eat this RIGHT NOW.)

Stay tuned for more Fairly Simple Recipes from Susan.

PS: This is not a paid endorsement for Nutella. (However, if the good folks at Nutella Inc. wish to support my addiction product promotion, who am I to stand in the way? Payment in kind – i.e. Jars of yummy goodness – will also accepted).


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