Days of Yore




The countdown begins. Ten days left. 10, 9, 8, 7…. and KAPUT. The end of mamma’s freedom.

The summer holidays will be upon us.

Mamas are scrambling to get things done before they have to drag whining, wriggling little people everywhere they go.

So, the next ten days I’ve crammed in dentist, eye and doc appointments with the regular schedule. And then there’s that teeny little matter of getting the house on the market. I have a zit the size of the Himalayas on one cheek and discovered three new white hairs this week – thank you so much stress hormones. Really.

Anyway, sneaking in this shot from my eye doc appointment.

That, friends, is actual, live PAPER folders that are lining the wall. I love it. Reminds me of a government office in India.

Had to document this soon-to-be-relic which will become like rotary phones – merely a topic of conversations with your kids about the “days of yore.”

Leaving you with that little bit of nostalgia. You can thank me later.


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