Christian Buzz words or Biz words?

Back in the days of yore, when I was but knee-high, I heard around me a uniquely Christian language. I’m talking about Christianese in church-going circles in the 80s and 90s. We always said certain things a certain way. When I got older, I was no exception to the lingo. And, oftentimes, I’m still not.

Have you noticed?

Christians never ever just tell each other something. We always “share.”
We never just eat or stuff our faces. We always “fellowship.”
We don’t ask people for what they would like us to pray. We title that part of our conversation, “prayer requests.”
Throw in a “God willing” when someone asks if you’ll make an appointment and a “praise the Lord” when we “share” something positive with a “brother” or “sister” and we proved our Christian credentials.. 
But that was the 90s.
We don’t those old-timey buzz words anymore. Our latest catch phrases are way more evolved. And, like all catch phrases, they are losing their punch and original intent.

Has anything changed?

Read a few church blogs, listen to a handful of podcasts and you’re bound to run into Christian buzz words.

Everyone’s  faith is now “authentic.” We are now extremely “intentional” about how we live life. (Makes me wonder about all the bohemian, purposeless Christians who came before us.)

We are also really good at “doing life together.” It’s way better than our “fellowships” of times gone by. Life, of course, is all about “community” – an authentic one at that. 

That makes us Christians so dang “relevant” in our worlds, doesn’t it? So much so, that when we preach the gospel, we only “use words if necessary.” We still don’t just believe in coincidence or happenstance. Nowadays, it’s a “God thing.” 

Maybe it’s time to re-think what we regurgitate. Or is it time to “let go and let God”? 

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