I pride myself on being uncomplicated. For a woman that is. Early on in my marriage I realized that men are rather slow with processing hints, that extended silences may not be decoded as, ‘you hurt my feelings and we need to talk’, that to man ‘everything’s fine’ means ‘everything’s fine’. So I’ve adopted the ‘if I want it, I ask’ routine rather than the ‘if he loves me, he’ll know’ route.

Like a few weeks ago, I told Ranjit I need a gift. It’s been a while since he gave me a “just because” gift and I let him know. I also followed it with a weekly reminder (I didn’t say I don’t nag either). Currently, I’m modelling the desired behavior pattern for him. This is the week of special somethings for him. On Sunday, I made him a card – yes, my dear desi friends, Umrica does foster a Martha Stewartness in even craft-challenged people like moi. I followed that up with a sambar-rice-payasam dinner on Monday. Tuesday saw the production of some exquisite (yeah, I’m saying so myself) chocolate mousse which admiteddly was more for “us” than solely him. On Wednesday, I gave him the first season of ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ cause that show gets my man doubled over in laughter. (If you know Ranjit you know the meaning of a resounding laugh.)

Thursday night was supposed to be ‘game night’ and what better way to celebrate than with the qunitessential Indian game and Ranjit’s favourite, Carroms. We ended up watching TV Thursday night, but it’s the thought that counts. Today, I’m debating on whether to continue my “do gooder” streak. The thing is he was playing pool when I called him on his cell and he said it was his shot and that he’d call back. Well, that must have been one looong shot – he called me after one whole hour. People, that’s sixty minutes. Grrrrrr. Of course, I pretended like it didn’t bother me. But today’s surprise is on the line.

Uum… okay, I’m not as nice I made out to be. Or as uncomplicated either.

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